Tech Kids Project Mission-Vision

Our Vision

A future lead by people who were inspired in technology and empowered to believe in themselves at an early age.

Imagine if you will, a future where today’s elementary school children are running our corporations, schools, banks, government and creating new technology to save lives and improve quality of life overall.

Now imagine what would happen if we gave them a head start in technology, taught them to work together, to be confident, to dream big, to overcome obstacles, and showed them how to make those dreams come true through hard work and perseverance.

Quality after school Programming

While the benefits are enormous, the availability is limited.

There have been numerous studies in our community and across the nation outlining the benefits of quality, experiential after school programs. Some of the main benefits according to the Maricopa County afterschool action agenda are: Increased academic achievement in reading and math, improved school attendance, higher levels of student engagement and motivation to learn, increased likelihood of high school graduation, higher self-esteem, enhanced social skills, and reduced delinquency.

Latest News

What we are doing to support our mission and reach our vision

The Future of Coding

This is a very exciting time in history. Technology is shaping our future more than anyone can even imagine. It seems like it is on a daily basis

Tech Kids Project Game Coding Class Example 3

Here is an example of the type of game kids can create in the tech kids project video game coding classes, using project spark. This game is based

Tech Kids Project Game Coding Class Example 2


The Tech Kids Project Game Coding Classes for kids. This is another example of the type of game that kids can create in the tech kids project video game

Tech Kids Project Class Example 1

This is an example of a game they can be created in the Tech Kids Project videogame coding class. the idea is for kids to have fun while

Tech Kids Project Game Coding Class


The Tech Kids Project Game Coding Class allows kids to learn computer programming while creating their own video games. This is an example of the type of game

Tech Kids Project – For Parents

While kids get excited about our courses because of the video game factor, in reality, game coding is just a very small part of what they will actually

Serving Our Community

By partnering with the leaders in our community in education and technology, we best serve the needs of our children. Both now, and in the future.

“As educators we should help facilitate goals and help cast a vision for students that will, not only, stretch their imaginations, but also their beliefs regarding what is possible…”
Sam Pabon - Quote of the Day
“If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.”
John Dewey • Quote of the Day