Technical Inspiration for Kids

Technical Inspiration

Inspired kids work harder and learn more!

Kids who are inspired at an early age in technology will pay attention more in their learning, and will have a head start in the field.

Our strategy is actually pretty simple: using video games as the course material. We all know kids love playing games, and they also love to create. By combining these two passions, in an easy to learn format kids excel in their learning and gain confidence rather quickly.

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Our latest progress and kids projects

The Future of Coding

This is a very exciting time in history. Technology is shaping our future more than anyone can even imagine. It seems like it is on a daily basis

Tech Kids Project Game Coding Class Example 3

Here is an example of the type of game kids can create in the tech kids project video game coding classes, using project spark. This game is based

Tech Kids Project Game Coding Class Example 2


The Tech Kids Project Game Coding Classes for kids. This is another example of the type of game that kids can create in the tech kids project video game

Tech Kids Project Class Example 1

This is an example of a game they can be created in the Tech Kids Project videogame coding class. the idea is for kids to have fun while

Tech Kids Project Game Coding Class


The Tech Kids Project Game Coding Class allows kids to learn computer programming while creating their own video games. This is an example of the type of game

Tech Kids Project – For Parents

While kids get excited about our courses because of the video game factor, in reality, game coding is just a very small part of what they will actually

By creating their own video games, mobile apps, and websites to showcase their work, kids get the motivation to continue on, and the confidence that fosters a “can do” attitude.

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Inspire with Technology

Inspire Kids in Technology

We get them thinking “Wow! I wonder what else I can do?”

People have said inventions are born out of necessity. Whether that was true in the past or not, we do not believe that applies today. With the advances of (CGI) computer generated imagery in the movie industry, and the human nature of believing what you see, kids growing up in this era will have bigger imaginations and a stronger belief that anything is possible. If we combine this way of thinking with confidence, self-esteem, a can-do attitude and a thorough understanding of technology in our children at an early age, we believe our future will be amazing and unimaginable, to us anyhow.

Young children have a fantastic way of viewing the world. Anything they don’t know or understand can be attributed to the fact that they haven’t been taught it yet, and they don’t feel bad about that. The danger lies as they get older and they start to realize that opportunities have not been offered to them, and their options may become limited. We believe that since technology is such an integral part of the world around them, educating kids in the field of computer science and exposing them to computer programming will have an enormously positive impact in their lives regardless of what career they choose later on.

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“Since we live in an age of innovation, a practical education must prepare a man for work that does not yet exist and cannot yet be clearly defined..”
Peter F. Drucker • Quote of the Day
“The number one benefit of information technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do. It lets people be creative. It lets people be productive. It lets people learn things they didn’t think they could learn before, and so in a sense it is all about potential.”
Steve Ballmer • Quote of the Day