Home Project 2 – Animating a Player Character

Week of Sep 26 class project. Exo-Red animation.


This is the 6th Grade Up Project File. Only do this project after you have taken this weeks class and brought home the script paper.

Download Project File

Home Project 1 – Animating a Non Player Character

First, download the project file by clicking the button “Download Project File”, then extract it to a folder on your hard drive. I would suggest creating a folder: Documents/UnityProjects, and placing it in there.

The file is an entire directory structure with the whole project. To open in in Unity, simply open Unity, click on Open (at the top right) and find the folder called “Eve” that you extracted. Select that folder, then click “Select Folder”.

That will open the project, and you will be ready to follow the videos below in order.

If you are unsure how to do something please feel free to email me TechKidsProject@gmail.com, or if it is something quick that is stopping you from going further, call me (480) 228-8804.  I really want all the students to get the most they can out of these classes. Having projects to do at home will make a huge difference in how much they learn and retain!

Download Project File

These videos go really fast in order to keep the students attention.


Step 1 – Creating terrain from scratch

Step 2 – Importing the character

Step 3 – Changing the character’s size

Step 4 – Animating the character

Step 5 – Character movement part 1

Step 6 – Character movement part 2

Step 7 – Character movement part 3

Step 8 – Modifying the terrain and the NavMesh

Step 9 – Modifying the terrain and the NavMesh part 2