Game Coding

Inspire and empower kids with a foundation in computer programming

Now offering professional Game Coding & Design, 3D Modeling and Animation using professional tools like Unity 5, ZBrush and Maya.

Students will learn using the same tools the professionals in the industry use. From basic principals to advanced techniques, students will learn all aspects of up and coming computer technologies.

The purpose of our game coding courses are to inspire and empower kids with a proper foundation of computer programming fundamentals. We use applications that have a visual coding interface, and where kids can see results immediately. In each class we use a portion of the time to teach the basics of how computers work, and the fundamentals of programming in general. The rest of the class is hands-on experience for the kids where they code their game characters behaviors in order to create a game that they and their friends can play.

We use Microsoft Visual Studio for computer programming. By teaching Visual Basic, we introduce kids to application programming in a simple to understand format. For game design, we use Unity 5, a professional game development environment, and Zbrush and Maya which are professional 3D Modeling and Animation platforms. Students will progress through the basics of coding, then introduced to scripting, Javascript and C# in Unity as well as learning 3D modeling and animation using Zbrush and Maya.

Students who continue on in our advanced classes and wish to, can also work through the requirements to become a Certified Unity Developer. Unity just introduced this certification as a way for developers to show their credentials to prospective employers. This certification is complex, and it will take time for students to get to this level. Our weekly classes teach the fundamentals required for this, and when students get to advanced levels, we will teach them what they will need to know in order to pass the certification.

Tech Kids Web Design 3
Tech Kids Web Design
Tech Kids Project – Web Design 2

Web Design

Inspire and empower kids with a foundation in Website Design and Development.

Our students learn web design and eCommerce by creating their own websites to pretend to market and sell their creations.

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The Future of Coding

This is a very exciting time in history. Technology is shaping our future more than anyone can even imagine. It seems like it is on a daily basis

Tech Kids Project Game Coding Class Example 3

Here is an example of the type of game kids can create in the tech kids project video game coding classes, using project spark. This game is based

Tech Kids Project Game Coding Class Example 2


The Tech Kids Project Game Coding Classes for kids. This is another example of the type of game that kids can create in the tech kids project video game

Tech Kids Project Class Example 1

This is an example of a game they can be created in the Tech Kids Project videogame coding class. the idea is for kids to have fun while

Tech Kids Project Game Coding Class


The Tech Kids Project Game Coding Class allows kids to learn computer programming while creating their own video games. This is an example of the type of game

Tech Kids Project – For Parents

While kids get excited about our courses because of the video game factor, in reality, game coding is just a very small part of what they will actually

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