Pixologic ZBrush Video Game Showreel

Pixologic has revolutionized the video game industry with their award winning 3D Modeling / Sculpting program ZBrush. Students will get the chance to use the leading professional modeling, animation and game creation tools that are used in the industry today!

Fall 2019  Registration Is Now Open.

Fall Classes are 60 minutes, once per week for only $79 per month.

Check out our new curriculum designed to deliver a comprehensive set of skills that will place your child ahead of the curve in an  everchanging future, driven by technology!

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3D Game Development with Unity 5

3D Modeling / Animation with ZBrush

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Give your kids a head start towards a high paying career in the tech industry!

Classes are taught by AWARD WINNING former Intel Programmer

Tech Kids Project - Game Coding Classes, 3D Modeling, Animation, 3D Painting

Give your kids a head start in Technology.

Imagine the advantage your children would have if they spent even a portion of their game playing time on learning all about technology, how computers work, computer programming, graphic design and web design.

Tech Kids Project - Coding Class

Inspire your children in their future.

We show kids that learning, creating and working can be fun through coding video games. In the process they also learn valuable life skills such as how hard work and persistence, will allow them to create the future of their dreams.

Coding for VR Games

Now Coding for VR Games

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Tech Kids Project - Coding Class for VR Games

The Future Is Here!

Students will experience total immersion in virtual reality. This technology is here now, and is not going anywhere. In fact, it will continue to get better and cost less. VR will be integrated into the future wherever technology exists today, and beyond. Give your kids a chance to experience VR gaming, and to create their own applications for the Oculus Rift VR Headset.

Tech Kids Project - Coding Classes for Virtual Reality

The Tech Kids Project, Mesa Az

Inspiring our future leaders in Technology. We believe all children should have the opportunity to learn about technology, computer science and computer programming. We teach in-depth principals with hands on experience.  No matter what career choice children decide upon, computer science is a must. In the world of the future, technology will be far more integrated into our children’s lives than it is even now. For them to have a fighting chance in the future workforce, they must have a thorough understanding of technology.

Training Kids Brains to Think Tech For the Future

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The Tech Kids Project, Inc. Mesa, Az

We teach Computer Science, Technology and Programming to kids of all ages. Children have the opportunity to create their own video games. These are not the “pong” type games that you will find in most beginner courses. The games kids create are challenging and actually fun to play. The graphics and game play rivals the current top selling video games.  Kids can even share these games and allow their friends to play them as well.

The Tech Kids Project - Game Coding and Design

The Tech Kids Project, Inc.

Inspiring kids to learn technology and believe in themselves

The Tech Kids Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to exposing kids to the field of computer science. We do this in a way that is fun and educational. Our goal is to spark the interest of all children with a passion for technology. We increase their belief in themselves, and boost their confidence with a can do attitude. Our vision is to create a future that consists of leaders who were inspired in elementary schools. Leaders who understand the benefits of technology, and have the confidence and self-esteem that comes from that understanding. The Tech Kids Project catches kids at and early age when they still believe they can accomplish anything when they grow up. We show them this can be true for them, by giving them opportunities to see it in action.

The Tech Kids Project classes are designed for all children with no experience required. Kids will learn about all types of technology starting with how computers work. We cover the basics of electricity, transistors, and how computers process data in binary. We teach game coding, computer programming, mobile app design and web design. In learning how to code their own games, children will understand how computers are told what to do. Kids also learn how computers render images to display devices, all about pixels and motion graphics.

It is amazing how much children can learn about technology when they are having fun doing it!

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Tech Kids Project

We provide kids with education and inspiration in the technical field, one child at a time. We have extremely small class sizes with a max of 8 children per class. Register now for classes starting in January 2016.

People have said inventions are born out of necessity. Whether that was true in the past or not, the Tech Kids Project does not believe that applies today. There have been and continue to be more advances of (CGI) computer generated imagery in the video game and movie industries. Due to the human nature of believing what you see, kids growing up in this era will have bigger imaginations and a stronger belief that anything is possible. By combining this way of thinking with confidence, self-esteem and a thorough understanding of technology in our children at an early age, we believe our future will be amazing and unimaginable. To us anyhow.

Young children have a fantastic way of viewing the world. Anything they don’t know or understand can be attributed to the fact that they haven’t been taught it yet. They do not feel bad about anything they don’t yet know. The danger lies as they get older and they start to realize that opportunities have not been offered to them. They begin to feel that their options may become limited. The Tech Kids Project believes that since technology is such an integral part of the world around them, educating kids in the field of computer science and exposing them to computer programming will have an enormously positive impact in their lives regardless of what career they choose later on.

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The Tech Kids Project is Fun and Challenging

Kids really utilize their brains, and have fun doing it!

Kids are given complex tasks and objectives that really challenge them. They program individual characters each with specific functions. When put together, these characters and commands create an interactive world. Kids get to play their own games, and the games their classmates created. In doing this, they get great feedback on their creations, and wonderful ideas to create even more. The sense of accomplishment kids feel when they look back at all they created is unparalleled.

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